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How Can I Tell If My Website Is a WordPress Site?

We choose to use WordPress as our web development platform for most of our clients and recommend it to our solar dealers.

We prefer WordPress because:

  1. It's the market leader
  2. It's easy to customise
  3. It's user-friendly
  4. It's great for SEO 
  5. It can grow as you scale your business.

You can read more about the benefits of having a WordPress site here. 

How Can I Tell If My Website Is a WordPress Site?

The quick answer to this is simple.  

Type in your domain url, followed by /wp-admin. 

If you are prompted to login then your website is created on WordPress.

For example:

A solar dealer has a company called  Just Solar with a website domain name of

The dealer types www.justsolar.comau/wp-admin into the browser.

If you see this prompt, then it's confirmed as a WordPress site.

WP Login Message

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