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When Should I Call a Lead Who Has Downloaded Our Solar eBook?


If you have an eBook that is generating leads - congratulations! You have tapped into a need that someone thinks you can help with.  Now, do you know what to do with those leads? We get a lot of questions from dealers who are keen to know best practice when it comes to following up on a lead from an eBook download.

Every dealer is different. Some like a hard sell, and some like a soft sell. There's really not a one size fits all approach when it comes to following up on leads. We do however offer a best practice checklist, so that you can consider what would work best for your business.

Best Practice Checklist After Someone Downloads Your eBook

1. Follow up within 24-48 hours of receiving the lead - either by marketing automation, phone call or email. 

2. If not already populated, add the details of the lead to your CRM and make notes about any contact.

3. Once you have made contact, verify the lead (ie decide whether they are they likely to convert or unlikely to convert). If they are likely to convert but have not yet booked a quote/consultation, then make a plan to contact them again within one week to follow up.

4. Know when to stop contacting the lead. If you validate your leads correctly, you'll know where to spend your time when trying to convert them. Some leads may only be information gathering, so identify signs of interest and don't waste your time on unlikely converters.

The goal of following up is to verify if the lead has potential to make a purchase. This might not be immediate, so you need to help identify their problem and be the solution to their needs.

Tips On The Follow Up Process After a Lead is Generated

It's not uncommon for a proactive solar dealer to have some kind of marketing automation set up that  triggers as soon as someone has downloaded a solar eBook. The automated workflow helps potential customers through their buyer journey - running a nurtured solar sequence that keeps them interested and primed for purchase. This is a nice soft-sell approach, nurturing your lead, providing value and the opportunity to contact you once they are ready.

While this is set nicely in place, you can also call them directly if you want to.

This is a more hard-sell approach but given they've signed up for your eBook it's not uninvited. The lead has opted-in by giving you their details.  You might find that a lead lives in your ideal area for installs, so a prompt follow up call within 24 hours might secure a sale. Depending on how much you want to push, you can follow up by saying:

" I see you downloaded our eBook yesterday. Just wondering if you had any questions?"
This question allows you to make quick contact, be helpful, get off the phone quickly. No hard push.

" I see you downloaded our eBook yesterday. We are actually in your area tomorrow if you would like a free quote."
This question allows you to make quick contact, be helpful, and try to schedule a quote. A harder push.

Having an automated workflow in place means your marketing activity is on 24/7. A personal call to the lead with help personalise your business, where you can build rapport and trust.  

Need Help With Leads and Marketing Automation?

We understand that not everyone is an expert in verifying leads and utilising marketing automation. Even with all the marketing tools available these days it can be stressful trying to figure it all out. If you're a solar dealer looking to attract more leads, get a process for verifying them and setting up marketing automation, please contact us today.

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