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Why Your Solar Business Should Invest in Google Ads

If your solar business is already investing in a number of solar digital marketing channels to drive leads or increase brand awareness then Google Ads (previously referred to as Google AdWords) will complement these activities.

Thousands of businesses have used Google Ads and found success. The pay-per-click system allows you to control the spend, track the results and measure ROI. It’s a perfect platform for marketing managers who need to report campaign stats to management.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should be investing in Google Ads.

1. Your competitors most likely are.

The easiest way to discover if your competitors are investing in Google Ads is to do your own search key terms. For example, if you sell solar panels to businesses you would type in ”business solar panels” and see who’s advertising. This is an example of an above-the-fold search result for those keywords. Anything with the little Ad symbol indicates a paid ad. 


Solar Panel Search 

2. Spend is measurable

Paid advertising is highly measurable. Google Ads provide a multitude of metrics like:

  • Click Through Rate (allows you to delve into the quality of your traffic based on keywords)
  • Cost per acquisition (ensure ad costs are profitable)
  • Conversion rate (highlights ad performance; message and landing page)
  • Lost impression share (this could be due to budget, under-performing keywords or geographic limitations)
  • Quality score (allows you to review relevancy on keywords that you think will work but have low results)

3. Google Ads is flexible

You can test different campaigns within Google Ads using:

  • Search
  • Display
  • YouTube

These allow different audience targeting (location, time of day, demographics) and ad extensions which give people more reasons to use your business.

4. Google Ads starts working immediately

Your investment in SEO will take time to see results, however investing in Google Ads allows interaction immediately. You can see impressions, clicks and conversions. The good results you see in Google Ads can help your SEO strategy so you rank well for both paid and organic search.

5. Google Ads is efficient and scalable

Google Ads is always working out of office hours. If your ad messaging is good enough, the person searching gets the answer they need immediately. And you get the lead to follow up afterwards. Performing keywords can be optimised, low-performing keywords can be paused. Budgets can be increased or decreased at any time. You’re truly in the driver’s seat, and the only limit is your budget and your ability.

Still Deciding?

If you’re still wondering if Google Ads is worth investing in, we’ll leave you with these questions to consider.

✓ Do people search online for your business or product?

✓ Do you have a good offer / differentiator that will entice people to click your ad over a competitor (free shipping service, free eBook idea, free trial concept)?

✓ Do you have scalable budget that can grow as your results prove successful?

Need Help With Google Ads for Solar Marketing?

We understand that not everyone is an expert in search engine marketing. And with all the new updates and changes to Google Ads it can be stressful trying to figure it all out. If you're looking for help with Google Ads, we can set up and manage your campaigns for you.

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