Solar Dealers

Digital Marketing For LG Dealers

A Done-For-You Service for LG Solar Dealers to get more traffic, leads and calls.

Based on more than 3 years of testing digital marketing channels with LG Energy and LG Dealers.



Website and SEO

We update your site to ensure is optimised for Google, as well as updating your Google My Business profile (for Google Maps).

Each month we prepare two new pieces of content for your site.

Facebook and Social

We manage your social channels including your Facebook business page and your Instagram business profile.

Each week we prepare and post three new updates to each.

Google Ads and Paid Ads

We setup  and manage your paid advertising channels including Google Ads and Facebook Advertising.

Each month we ensure your advertising campaigns are optimised.


Details of the Service

Watch the video below for full details on how the service works:




Click here to download the slides from the above video.

Resources and Benefits

Tons of experience

Work with an experienced team

XEN Solar was created by XEN Systems, a digital agency based in Sydney, Australia. Our team have been working in digital marketing for more than 10 years.

The solar industry is its own niche in the Australian market. We've been working with LG Energy, managing their digital marketing, for more than two years. We know the solar space well.


Digital Marketing Processes

Technology Expertise

We have streamlined processes in place so anything that needs to be implemented on your site and in your marketing strategy will be done as efficiently as possible.

Google Analytics, Adwords, HubSpot, Facebook, Instagram we know it all. We'll use the right tools for the job to get the best results for your business.

Marketing technology experts

LG Dealer Day 2018 Presentation

Download the full slide deck from the Digital Marketing presentation by Craig Bailey at LG Dealer Day 2018.
We Understand Solar

LG Digital Marketing Service Brochure

Download the brochure with all the details of this Done-For-You Digital Marketing service for LG Solar Dealers.

LG Dealer Day 2019 Presentation

Download the full slide deck and watch a video of the presentation by Craig Bailey at LG Dealer Day 2019.
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