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What you need to know:

XEN Solar's Content Packs package involves the rollout of content for a specific supplier to eligible Solar Dealers.

We recommend this package to solar equipment suppliers who are keen to have relevant and timely information available on their product across multiple solar dealer sites.

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What does it cost?

$2,500 + GST. XEN Solar will provide an invoice prior to the project commencing.

What are the costs?
  • Cost to you: $2,500 per dealer
In order to encourage Australian solar dealers to partner up and accept your offer to drive content for them, you can offer coop funding.
  • For example:
    • Upfront cost to you: $2,500
    • Cost to dealer: $500
    • End cost to you: $2,000 per dealer
We have Content Packs agreements in place, please contact us for more information about this works well with Partnership programs.


What do you get?

The Content Pack involves:

  • Discovery call: review of your product information and relevancy to Australian solar dealers
  • WebDev back-end plugin to streamline product data information
  • WebDev a content library to enable scale.
Example of an LG Content Pack: Soltek

What happens once the Content Pack is installed?

  • Maintenance Pack - an ongoing marintence pack will commence whereby any future updates to the data can be implemented seamlessly in the back-end
  • The ongoing Maintenance pack will be charged separately, at an hourly rate.
  • a 6-hourly pack will be billed upfront for ongoing Maintenance plans.

Why take up this offer?

  • You can have your latest product information beautifully designed and updated across multiple solar dealer sites at once
  • Your product message will be consistent and relevant at all times
  • Most solar dealers have experience with updating content but most find they do not have the time to maintain it. We take away the pain and update the content for them and you.
  • We have experienced WordPress experts who know how to best optimise the site.

The main benefits of outsourcing your data content updates are:

  • XEN Solar has experience rolling out content to multiple dealers at one time
  • XEN Solar has the expertise to optimise the back-end to make this process as streamlined as possible
  • XEN Solar understands the solar space
  • XEN Solar knows what content, images and videos drive leads
  • XEN Solar provides an easy, managed way to ensure your product information is consistent, relevant and timely across multiple solar dealer sites.

Where to from here?

Talk to us today about our Content Pack and how we can help your business grow. Please contact for more information.



View our brochure for full details on how the service works:


Tons of experience

Work with an experienced team

XEN Solar was created by XEN Systems, a digital agency based in Sydney, Australia. Our team have been working in digital marketing for more than 10 years.

The solar industry is its own niche in the Australian market. We've been working with LG Energy, managing their digital marketing, for more than two years. We know the solar space well.


Digital Marketing Processes

Technology Expertise

We have streamlined processes in place so anything that needs to be implemented on your site and in your marketing strategy will be done as efficiently as possible.

Google Analytics, Adwords, HubSpot, Facebook, Instagram we know it all. We'll use the right tools for the job to get the best results for your business.

We Understand Solar

LG Digital Marketing Service Brochure

Download the brochure with all the details of this Done-For-You Digital Marketing service for LG Solar Dealers.

LG Dealer Day 2019 Presentation

Download the full slide deck and watch a video of the presentation by Craig Bailey at LG Dealer Day 2019.
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