Paid Advertising for Solar Dealers

Use advertising tools to get seen on the first page of search engines

We'll develop an advertising strategy that will make it too easy for new customers to find you



Paid advertising channels are the backbone of a good marketing strategy.

While content marketing can produce organic results, you'll need some extra help. 
Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) helps you reach a wider audience in search. It's ideal for purchase intent keywords and people who are closer to making a purchase decision. We can help you develop a tailored AdWords strategy involving testing to see what works best for your business.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising gives you a chance to reach very targeted audiences. It's a cost effective paid advertising solutions. Results from Facebook advertising can be incredible if you've got the know-how (and we do).

Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising is focused on visuals and the platform attracts roughly 9 Million Australian users a month. You can now advertise on Instagram using a linked Facebook account. This makes testing on multiple channels a breeze.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn attracts more than 4 Million active monthly users in Australia, making it another platform to test. Out of all of the other social advertising options, LinkedIn isn't the most profitable, however, it's still a great channel to encourage engagement through content and discussion.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is a great platform for posting about industry news and trends - perfect for the solar industry. We'll test Twitter advertising strategies for your business to find out what works best.
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